Bible Reading

Consistent reading of God's Word (The Bible) is the single most effective discipline you can engage in to help you grow as a follower of Jesus.

To help us engage in God's Word, Pastor Jim has written the Bible Savvy series of short books. These books help any Bible reader to gain more understanding and application from God's Word.

In addition to Pastor Jim's books we encourage the use of these…

Bible Reading Tools

NIV Study Bible

Scripture Union Bible Reading Schedule - Our entire church family is encouraged to follow this schedule throughout the calendar year. There are SIX ways you can get the Encounter with God content. 

Priority One Weekend Message - The #1 catalyst behind personal spiritual growth is daily reading and reflecting on the Bible. So the most important thing you can do (if you want to grow spiritually) is to pick up a Bible each day and read it. In this sermon, Pastor Jim shared six great reasons for reading the Bible daily. 

Stories of 'The Bible & My Life'