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Friday, February 12th and Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Naked Truth Modesty & Manners Edition

What is the Naked Truth?

The Naked Truth is an annual event for middle school students and their parents. The goal of the event is to help students develop a biblical self image and equip parents to successfully address these issues with their children. This year, the Naked Truth will be a two-day, no overnight event. The Modesty & Manners Edition will focus on helping students develop a better self image and awareness. There will be a parent-child dinner* banquet where students and parents are expected to dress up. Girls should wear dresses and guys should wear a shirt and tie.

Parent participation is required for the Friday night banquet and highly encouraged for the Saturday morning informational sessions. Our hope is to provide parents and students with a common experience to discuss and build on into the future. Students without a parent for this event are encouraged to invite a relative or a close family friend.

*Girls should bring their father and boys should bring their mother to the dinner. The focus for the meal will be table manners, courtesy and gender etiquette. If a parent is unavailable for the banquet, please invite a relative or close family friend.


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