Prayer is an amazing resource Jesus modeled and encouraged his followers to engage in to grow spiritually by connecting with God and serving others in need. We provide the following resources to help you grow in prayer.

Personal Prayer

Pastor Jim has authored Prayer Coach. This is a simple and practical guide to enhancing your prayer life. You will learn how to have a C.H.A.T. with God through: Confessing, Honoring, Asking and Thanksgiving.

You can also use our Attributes of God list during your prayer time as well. Download the Outside & Inside

Corporate Prayer

We offer prayer throughout the year in our services. We also periodically provide Sunday evening services dedicated to prayer and praise. We call these IGNITE.

Elder & After Service Prayer

Elder Prayer is encouraged in the Scriptures for those with health needs. We offer this at our weekend services on the first weekend of the month following Communion. We also have an After Service Prayer team to pray for you after every service.

Prayer Wall - Prayer Ministry

COMING SOON - A web-accessible resource to submit prayer requests and to pray for those in need. You can submit prayer requests. These prayer requests will be reviewed and edited, if appropriate, before being posted to this prayer wall. You are also encouraged to check these posts regularly and join in the encouragement and effectiveness of prayer.