Weekend Teaching

BIBLE SAVVY: Leviticus

Leviticus. The graveyard of read-through-the-Bible plans. It is a strange book, but it asks one of the most important questions you can ask: how can sinful people come into the presence of a holy God?

Join us as we learn to read--and maybe even enjoy--Leviticus together this March and early April. Learn more in this video preview:

 HIGHLIGHTS not to miss:
  • Find resources (like helpful insightful videos) to help understand Leviticus at our Bible resource page, ccclife.org/context.

  • Not yet participating in our 4-year Bible reading plan? Jump in! Learn more here

  • Each series has a specific Invitation Weekend that our teaching pastors have identified as an especially great time to bring guests. That's coming up on March 11 & 12 when we celebrate baptism.

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